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Here’s a list of resources that you may find helpful: associations, nonprofits, clubs, foundations, museums, public and private institutions, and whatever else we have found that we believe is of interest to Italifornians (Italians living in California), Italian-Americans, Italophiles, curious webnauts, and just simply admirers. It is not exhaustive, nor omni-comprehensive. How could it be? It is not a Polaroid from the past. On the contrary, it reflects a community in movement. However, it can be enriched. We count on you, our Members, to improve it. Please use this link to send us your suggestions: The OAHIC Editorial staff reserves the right to post suggested Resources at their discretion.

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Museo Italo Americano: ieri, oggi e domani 

Paola Bagnatori, Managing Director of the Museo Italo Americano, discusses it's founding.

Museo Italo Americano
In Cerca di Una Nuova Vita
We Are Who We Are

Finding The Mother Lode: Italian Immigrants in California

"This excellent film fills a real gap in our understanding of the complexity of the Italian immigration experience… It is a must see!" Carol L. McKibben, Historian, Stanford University

Italians first came to California in large numbers with the Gold Rush. While most found little gold, they did find a “mother lode” (the rich vein of gold that the gold miners sought) in farming, fishing, commerce and making wine.

“Finding the Mother Lode” documents the experience of Italian immigrants in California, which was markedly different from that of their compatriots elsewhere in the United States. Through stories set in seven Italian communities throughout California, this film examines how economic and social mobility became possible for many Italians in the Golden State. It is also a look at how immigrant identity is maintained and transformed as immigrants become assimilated into mainstream America.

The current film is a follow-up to the filmmakers’ critically acclaimed “Pane Amaro/Bitter Bread” (2009) on the Italian immigration to the East Coast. “Finding the Mother Lode” too, is based on extensive research and weaves together oral histories by community members with scholarly analyses which provide the larger historical context.


Finding The Mother Lode


The latest news from California's leading Italian-American organizations

Italian American Heritage Foundation

Italo Americano

North Bay Italian Cultural Foundation

Sons of Sicily

Sons of Sicily Women's Club

We The Italians California

Florence Cathedral



COM.IT.ES di San Francisco

Coalition of Italian American Organizations
Bay Area

Italian American Heritage Foundation San Jose

Italian Heritage Society of Monterey Peninsula

Little Italy San Jose

Museo Italo Americano

Order Sons & Daughters of Italy In America

Sicilian Sisterhood

Sons of Sicily


When Italian Americans Were "Enemy Aliens"

Italian immigration to the West Coast, which began as early as the Gold Rush, reached full force around the turn of the century. By the 1930s, the Italian population was at its peak: Italian Americans comprised the largest immigrant group not only in San Francisco but in the entire United States. The 1930s were not easy for these immigrants, either politically or economically.

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