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April 25, 1945, in Torino

by Franca Vescia & Paolo Pontoniere

 In years past, to retell the story of April 25, 1945, the day that Italy freed itself from the Nazi’s joke, The Italifornian resorted to republishing articles that had appeared in the media. This year we had the fortune and the honor to run into the talk that Franca Vescia—a survivor of that day--gave sat Casa Fugazzi in San Francisco on the invitation of the COMITES

Ms. Vescia, on that day, was a young school-age girl living in Torino with her family. Today a grown-up lady, Franca, found the wherewithal to tell us what went on that day in Torino. The accounting is written by Franca’s own hand and was collected by our publisher and editor-in-chief. We publish it as we receive it, markings et al.

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