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Pictures From Our Lives

A parallel photographic history of Italy and California.

Is this a project? A game? A collective collage?... It is all three things put together. 

Dear visitor, the photos that you will encounter in this section of the Almanac relate to salient historical events that took place in Italy between the last 30 years 20th century and the first decade of the 21st. We aim to construct a parallel historical line, visually, comparing what life was like in Italy during those years and what it was like for the Italians who had migrated to California. We hope that this section will come together over time with your participation. Reader, please play with us…

Contribute images of what you, your family, your friends, your loved ones were living during the same years after your arrival here in the US and California.

The photos of Italy’s historical events contained in this section were kindly provided by Italy’s news agency ANSA to Paolo Pontoniere on the occasion of “In Cerca di Una Nuova Vita” and to be used for the realization of other exhibitions dealing with the Italian American epic like “Sexy Before Apple.”

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