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Ciao a tutti.

Let me introduce myself, I am Nancy Federico, first generation of my family to be born in America. I was born in Portland OR, to Italian immigrants, Antonio Francis Federico and Giacoma Apa. I grew up in the South Bay, and then relocated to San Francisco. Of 4 siblings, 2 siblings relocated, many years ago back to Oregon, and 2 other siblings continue to reside in California.

After working in corporate America, the entertainmet industry, and property management, I retired (early), and since that time, have involved myself for many years with Italian Feste, in and around the Bay Area in many capacities, including participating as a Festa Vendor selling my Hand-Crafted products. Some know me as 'Festa Regina (Queen)', and also from an article in I'Italo Americano newpaper, published in August 30, 2012.

In 2008, when a Festa was establish in San Francisco, for the San Francisco Italian Athletic Clubs 90th Anniversary, I became the Vendor Coordinator for Festa Coloniale Italiana for the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club (11years), until it ceased in 2019 due

to the Covid Pandemic.


In 2021 I submitted my fathers WWII record to the NIAF, and the record was published in the NIAF newsletter

and Instagrm accounts. A proud day indeed!


Italian American WWII Hero: Antonio Francis Federico

Posted on February 21, 2021 by niaforg

Launched in 2020 to remember the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, NIAF is recognizing Italian Americans who sacrificed, served and defended peace, freedom and democracy during the war through the #IAWW2Heroes initiative.

This entry is a special submission from Nancy Federico in honor of her late father.

Antonio (Tony) Francis Federico was born in Aprigliano Corte Cosenza in the Italian region of Calabria in 1915 and immigrated to the United States in 1927. After moving to America, he lived in Portland, Oregon, with his parents Rocco Federico and Maria Rosaria Muto Federico along with his two siblings, Teresina and Angelo.

Tony Federico joined the U.S. Army in 1941 and completed the U.S. Army Officer Engineer Course, where he earned a diploma in 1942. He went on to become a 1st Lieutenant and a Platoon Commander-Engineer Unit, and fought in the Battle of the Bulge at Normandy as a M1A Shoulder Fired Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Bazooka Gunner. Using the Bazooka made Mr. Federico permanently deaf in his left ear.

Mr. Federico was awarded a European and American Theatre Ribbon with 3 Stars; Normandy, Central Europe, Rhineland, and an American Defense Victory Metal. He left the Army in 1946 with Honorable Discharge. Mr. Federico returned home and married Jacqueline (Giacoma) Apa. They had five children named Diane, Nancy, Teresa, David and Delores (who are twins).

In 1956, Mr. Federico moved his family from Portland, Ore., to Santa Clara, Calif., in the Santa Clara Valley, now known as Silicon Valley. His civilian career was with, The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (Pacific Bell), and after working with Pacific Bell more than 29 years, he retired in 1977.

“In 2004, I honored my father with a WWII Certificate of Honor from the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., when the wall was completed,” shared his daughter, Nancy Federico. “In 1989, my father was also honored by another one of his children, with a certificate from the State of Liberty-Ellis Island, signed by Lee A. Iacocca, as ‘An American Immigrant Wall of Honor’ recipient, and his name was also engraved on a wall of Ellis Island. This honor was also given to my mother, Jacqueline (Giacoma) Apa.”

Mr. Federico lived to the age of 77, passed away on September 17, 1992, and is survived by his children and several grand and great-grandchildren.


Giacoma (Jacqueline) Apa was born on June 27, 1918 in Cosenza Italy, in the Italian region of Calabria, and immigrated to America with her mother, Chiarina (Clara) Gallucci Apa and her brother, Carmine (Carl) Apa, in 1926. Jackie went on to workas a Bookeeper for Newberry's Department Store, and after that store closed, she worked as the Bookeeper for

Mariani Premium Dried Fruit Co., until their headquarters in Cupertino moved, and then Jackie worked as a Bookeeper for an insurance broker. Jackie was President of the Catholic YLI - Young Ladies Institute through her church, St. Joseph of Cupertino. Jacqueline passed away on March 18,1997.



Antonio (Tony) Francis Federico was born on September 9, 1915, and passed away on September 18,1992. His Passport shows himself with his mother, Maria Rosaria Muto Federico, with his sister Teresina, and his brother Agelo's whose photo was cut out because he could not pass his eye exam. Angelo came later.

Teresina, Maria, Angelo, Antonio Federico Angelo and Antonio Federico


Both Antonio Federico and Giacoma Apa learned to speak English within 6 months of their arrivals in America as it was important to them and their families to assimilate into the country that would become their new home.


Tony and Jacqueline married in Portland OR, at St. Stevens Catholic Church in 1943, accompanied by parents; Rocco Federico, with Maria Rosaria Muto Federico and Leonardo Apa, with Chiarina (Clara) Gallucci Apa, Italian immigrants.

Tony Federico and Jackie moved to Santa Clara, CA in 1956 after Tony bought a family home on Pruneridge Ave. At that time, the home they bought was the 10th home in a housing tract called Westwood Oaks, with the cross street of Lawrence Sation Road.

At the time Lawrence Station Road was a 2 lane road, and the surrouding area was full with orchards. We now know what the city of Santa Clara, a charming, very family oriented, peaceful part of my early childhood, and the entire area became...Silicon Valley, a completely over-crowded and a very different world than where I grew up.


Both of my grandfathers immigrated to America ahead of their wives and children, to set the way for their families to come.They both traveled back and forth between America and Italy until their families arrived in America. My maternal grandmother, (Nana) Chiarina, did not want to come to America, but when Benito Mussolini was recruiting boys of a certain age, my Nana lied about Carl's age, and so they immigrated to America.

My paternal grandfather, Rocco Federico worked for the railroad company, and my maternal grandfather Leonardo Apa was a Mason. Both my grandmothers were homemakers, and produced many Italian homemade food products in their basments in Portland, and both families had flourishing home gardens.

My dad with a photo of Jackie My dad working the harvest on his brother n' law

Joe Greco's (Teresina) farm in Eugene OR

Rocco and Maria Federico at their Leonard and Chiarina Apa Leonard Apa and his auto at his

family home in Portland OR. home in Portland OR.


Miscelaneous documents and citizenship:

My granfather Rocco Federico citizeship papers

Nancy Federico

Festa Regina

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