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Journalist, Neapolitan, I moved to San Francisco in the mid-eighties, when the West Coast and the Pacific Basin for Italian media were still a no-man's land. A "hic sunt leones" developing across the left border of the US map. I arrived first as a traveling envoy of Frigidaire, a cutting-edge culture, politics, and arts magazine. I returned to promote the Fondazione Reperti del Terzo Millennio, The Third Millennium Evidence Foundation, a project sponsored by Arci Nova. The project intended to create a center in California devoted to foretelling the future and putting it on exposition--particularly in the arts and the literature. Over the years, I've been a foreign correspondent and contributor for several Italian media, including Panorama, L'Espresso, Focus, Repubblica, and a contributor to the Los Angeles Times, Pacific News Service, and New America Media. Although I covered the same beats as other correspondents, I was the first Italian to narrate Silicon Valley from the inside, anticipating many of the social and technological developments that would come. However, even though I focused on describing the US to an Italian audience, I never lost sight of our community. Over the years, I have explored the many ways It has contributed to the California mystique with writings, news reports, exhibitions, and exchange projects.

Paolo  Pontoniere

Paolo Pontoniere

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