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Old Monterey: a classical composition by Louise Canepa, narrated by Ken Borelli

Introduction by Ken Borelli, Project Coordinator:

Enjoy a musical journey through "Old Monterey" with composer and native daughter Louise Canepa. The piece is a special homage to her childhood and growing up in the Monterey of old. Louise originally composed the piece in 1961, as an art song, but in many ways, there was another component to the melody that needed to be crafted, and that was a chamber music version.

The dream was finally realized with a score and performance in Monterey by Maestro Rob Klevan, fortunately, over the 2019 holidays. Once the recording was completed, the editing and release were planned for March 2020. Then the pan epidemic hit. Along with so many experiences in the arts, the project was deferred until now.

The current release certainly comes at a much needed time for healing and respite from a very stressful period in our lives. "Old Monterey" is a reflection upon Louise's childhood, and growing up in a large extended Genovese and Sicilian fishing family in the neighborhoods of Old Monterey. That is not to say it was a panacea since her generation had their own difficult realities, including a depression, World War II, and the unique stress regarding the restrictions it placed upon the Italian American community during those tragic years. Yet those formative years also provided the nurturing and celebration of life that helped to shape the inner strength and joy to create "Old Monterey".

In a similar fashion, Louise also composed a full-length opera entitled Sicilians of Monterey, which was first performed in Monterey, October of 1995, followed by a fully staged production in San Jose, in San Jose, Ca. where I first met and help produce the opera.

Louise currently resides in Napa, California, and is still busy with her passion for lyrical composition.  Her music is online and she has accumulated a worldwide following. Even so, her roots remain in Old Monterey.  She hopes you enjoy this piece, and a glimpse into a special time, from one of the Peninsula's dedicated booster.

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